Advertising Rates

Advertising rates - details

Advertising in The Archer is in the form of boxed displays. Each page in the paper is divided into five columns. The size of a display is the number of columns wide by the number of centimetres high, and the cost is determined by the size.

The basic rate is £5 per column (width) per centimetre (height). So, for example, an advert that is 1 column wide by 4 centimetres high costs £20, and an advert that is 2 columns wide by 6 centimetres high costs £60.

The largest advert that we are presently able to take is 30 column-cms (3 columns by 10 cm OR 2 columns by 15cm).

There is a premium of 30% for colour displays.

Discounts are offered for advertising that is repeated in several successive issues, as follows:

Period Discount
 3 months 10%
 6 months 20%
 9 months 30%
12 months 40%

We do not normally undertake to place an advert on any specific page, but will endeavour to fulfill requests if space permits, but with no guarantees. The Front and Back Pages attract a premium on the basic rate, but as they presently have their full quota of advertising, they are not currently available.

Our terms are payment in advance of publication.

All requests for quotations should be made by the Tuesday before the deadline for the next issue.

For more details please read the Advertising Guide

To advertise in The Archer
  • call our voicemail on 0800 612 4027 mailbox number 75390
  • email us at
  • or, write to us at The Archer, PO Box 3699, London N2 2DE

The Archer advertising representative is John Dearing.

Please take note of the copy deadlines listed below.

Advertising guide

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