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"I am very pleased with the response to my advert in The Archer. It has been essential to the success of my new venture."

"I have been told by people in East Finchley that advertising in The Archer gives a good return on the money spent."

"I am keen to advertise in The Archer, as it has a reputation for actually being read, not just discarded."

The Archer is the East Finchley community newspaper and is produced and distributed entirely by volunteers. It reports on people and events in East Finchley in North London. It provides a source of support for the community through publicity, and offers a window into all aspects of local life, both present and past. The Archer is the only newspaper that concentrates on East Finchley and has earned a reputation for the quality of its editorial content.


The Archer is distributed to over 9,500 East Finchley homes and businesses (the entire N2 postal code area) each month. Distribution commences on the first weekend of each month.


The Archer takes advertising principally to pay the cost of the print run, but also recognises that businesses in East Finchley are an integral part of the community and so in promoting them through advertising, it promotes the community as well. Advertising and editorial are placed together, rather than being consigned to the back of the paper. Advertising on any given page is normally restricted to a maximum of 25% by area.

The Archer also runs "Regular Events" and "What's On" columns. Entries in these columns are free, but they are restricted to a very brief description and contact details. As these columns are part of the editorial content, we offer no guarantee that they will be published in their entirety every month, or at all.

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